•  Anti-Corruption: Risk, Detection and Investigation, 17, 19-20 May

    Instructor-led training

    Corruption is a major obstacle to development. It is imperative to tackle it in different ways and on a diversity of arenas: By promoting integrity in our own organisations, by counteracting corruption in projects and programmes, and through the integration of anti-corruption as a goal or perspective in international development cooperation. This course focuses on how to manage corruption risks and counteract corruption in projects and programmes. 

  •  Cancelled: Anti-Corruption: Corruption – An Obstacle to Development, 17, 26-27 May

    Instructor-led training

    "People are right to be angry. Corruption threatens the well-being of our societies, the future of our children and the health of our planet. It must be fought by all, for all." These words by UN Secretary General António Guterres underline corruption as a serious obstacle to peace and sustainable development. Corruption weakens the level of trust within society and poses a threat to democracy. It also impedes economic development and erodes fundamental services such as healthcare, education and sanitation. People living in poverty and oppression are hardest hit by the harmful impact of corruption. Tackling corruption is thus a precondition for sustainable development and must be a vital part of international development cooperation.

  •  Coaching/mentorskap, 4-5, 11-12, 18-19 maj (sex halvdagar)

    Instructor-led training

    Denna pilotkurs är en fortsättning för de aktörer i biståndet som gått grundkursen ”Bortom workshop – Hur bidra till hållbar kapacitetsutveckling” och som vill fortsätta att stärka sin organisation inom samma spår. Under grundkursen omnämndes coaching/mentorskap som ett användbart verktyg för att åstadkomma hållbar kapacitetsutveckling, vilket denna kurs nu utforskar vidare, med konkreta övningar, modeller och diskussioner.

  •  Developing and Evaluating Results of Information and Communication Activities, 1-3 June

    Instructor-led training

    At a time when more and more platforms are competing for information attention, it is of vital  importance to learn to navigate this complex landscape in order to drive the change that is needed to meet the sustainable development goals. Successful information and communication strategies require careful planning ahead and “on time” measurement. Once communication activities have commenced and ended it can often be too late to measure.

  •  Dialogmöte mellan Sida och organisationer som får bidrag via informations- och kommunikationsstrategin

    Instructor-led training

    Sida bjuder in till en serie digitala dialogmöten under september/oktober för att dela erfarenheter och kunskap inom informations- och kommunikationsstrategin, samt för att gemensamt lyfta den strategiska blicken. 

  •  Results-Based Management

    Instructor-led training

    The course improves your ability to apply Results-Based Management in projects and programs in development cooperation, such as planning, implementation and reporting of results. To be eligible for the course the participant is required to submit an ongoing or planned project/programme, in order to work with throughout the course.