The Zambian Professional Diaspora Network

There is a need for a systematic coordinated approach to include the diaspora in development cooperation initiatives. Sida is initiating a pilot project to support and develop a methodology that can lead to a better understanding of diaspora, diaspora interests and initiatives in order to accelerate the advancement of development objectives and the sustainable development goals for Zambia. Sidas role is primarily to support and facilitate the development and growth of the Zambian professional diaspora network, in Baltic and Nordic countries. The planned support intends to cover six network meetings.


The specific objectives of the network meetings are to:
  • Map existing diaspora engagement policies, sectors, priorities and practices.
  • Identify potential sector specific areas for dialog and networking.
  • Identify potential stakeholders for collaboration.
  • Engage other stakeholders to support planned initiatives.

Target Group

For the purpose of the initiative, “diaspora” is defined as people of Zambian origin, including their descendants, living and/or working in Baltic and Nordic countries, irrespective of their citizenship and nationality and who individually or collectively are willing to contribute to the development of Zambia.


Please follow the registration process, where information gathered will be used to start the initial mapping exercise to ensure sector specific participation. Once registered, you will receive additional information and links to the online meeting.


The meetings will take place online through a digital platform. All participants need to have access to a personal computer with a strong internet connection (you should be able to stream video). We recommend using headphones rather than the computer audio, to reduce looping of sound in the mic, background noise and to generally improve the learning experience for all participants.

Course Manager

Nicola Fackel, Sida Partnership Forum

Reference Group

  • Nicola Eriksson Fackel, Program Manager Specialist,
  • Mwenya Mubanga, MD, PhD, Postdoctoral Researcher, Karolinska Institutet,
  • Patience Mususa, PhD, Senior Researcher, Nordic Africa Institute
  • Binta Mutale, Program Operations Manager, NIR,
  • Yvette Hanyama, Organisational Process Developer, Change Management Försäkringskassan,

The meetings are free of charge.




If you have any practical questions or concerns, please contact Nicola Fackel, Sida Partnership Forum.