Beyond Workshops - How to support sustainable capacity development

Developing capacity is hard. Sustaining results long-term is even harder. Who couldn’t do with a little external help? 

This one-year program looks into what it takes to get people to change behaviour long term. Although workshops that develop competence are essential, it is far from enough. We need to go far beyond that. 
The ultimate aim of the programme is to enhance Swedish development cooperation actors’ capabilities to support the development of their international partners capacity. 
However, the programme design is such that during one whole year, Sida supports participating organisations in developing their internal capacity. This allows a comparison of what it means to develop capacity versus supporting another in the development of their capacity. 
The programme contains three training modules conducted at Sida’s training facilities in Härnösand. Digital webinars will be held to bridge the different modules. Throughout the programme, participants will relate themes covered to their real life internal processes and planned or ongoing international projects. By processing actual ongoing cases, we will also follow ongoing processes and projects by other participating organisations. This built-in information sharing is an integral part of the design, aimed to enable peer-to-peer learning.
The common training parts are complemented by individual coaching on demand and some other optional elements to reach both key people and more people within the participating organisations. 
Interested organisations are expected to enrol with 3-5 participants, so called Change Agents, who have the mandate and the necessary support to drive internal change within their team/unit/organisation. 
Participating individuals need to reserve approximately 12 days in total during one year. We strongly recommend planning participation well in advance as the time investment for your organisation is higher compared to a single course. So are the expected results! 
After active engagement in the entire programme, participants will be able to:
Identify entry points to support capacity development
Prepare and lead change processes
Identify structures needed for sustaining change
Design and deliver effective workshops
Coach and mentor to realise programme goals and overcome obstacles


The programme will be held in English.
Interested to participate starting in 2024?
Declarations of interest per organisation are accepted until 31 December 2023. Individual participants need to be identified only once an organisation has been selected. Starting date is pending, could be February 2024 or autumn. 
Organisations who have previously applied but not been selected for the first round, are automatically kept as applicant for the next round. 

Want to apply?

At this stage applications are done per organisation, without naming individual participants yet. Do note that participation requires a group of 3-4 people, and enrolled individuals are expected to have the intent, the mandate and the necessary support to lead change within the team/unit/organization and share insights and develop skills with colleagues. 
Please answer below questions (put them in a word document) and send to
1. Does your organisation work with capacity development within international development/ development aid? 
2. How would your organisation define and/or describe capacity development and 
what kind of activities or methods do you use with the intention to develop capacity? 
3. Describe the difference between developing your own organisational capacity on the one hand and supporting international partners in their capacity development on the other hand.
4. Describe the capacity development project/s or programme/s you are currently working on (alternatively upcoming projects/programmes). 
5. Describe your organisation’s experience of supporting others’ capacity development. 
What has gone well? What did not go as planned? What was the lessons learned? 
6. Will you be able to identify 3-4 individuals who have the mandate to make changes 
as it relates to your organization's way of supporting capacity development?
7. Other comments?
Note that you may also share other relevant documents as a separate attachment.