International Training Program – Disaster Risk Management 321

Down below is a summary of the program. More detailed information of the program can be found in the ITP brochure.

Dead-line for applications - 16 March 2021

It is strongly recommmended to read the ITP-brochure before applying. Make sure to download and complete the Change Initiative and Management Confirmation before conntinuing with answering the questions once you press the Apply button. The reason being that these two documents must be completed, signed, uploaded and submitted with the application. This is a prerequisite for the application to be considered as complete. Find the ITP-brochure and templates for Change Initiative and Management Confirmation down below.

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Managing and reducing disaster risks is central for saving lives, assets, and livelihoods and for ensuring sustainable development. Disasters affect the poor and the vulnerable most of all. Several of the targets for the Sustainable Development Goals reflect strengthening the resilience of the poor and most vulnerable in communities by reducing their exposure to climate-related extreme weather-events and other economic, social and environmental shocks and disasters. Disasters risks affects women, girls, boys and men differently. Due to existing inequalities between women and men, women are often disproportionately affected by disasters and do not have the same ability to prepare for and reduce risks. The contribution of women and girls to disaster risk management and central role in community resilience is often overlooked in strategies and programs.

The ITP in DRM supports strengthening, adapting and maintaining capacity over time at the local and national level. The ITP method is tailored for organisations with strong commitment to drive change. 

The Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) offers the International Training Programme (ITP) in Disaster Risk Management (DRM) to organisations of strategic importance to the economic, social and environmental development of partner countries. Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB) implements the ITP on Sida’s behalf.

Learning Objectives

After active participation in the ITP, participants will be able to:

  • Articulate how change happens and identify entry points and ways to push for change

  • Adapt DRM related insights for the betterment of your change initiative and your organisation at large

  • Demonstrate effective skills of advocacy, communication, leadership and training design

  • Integrate a gender, environment and human rights based perspective in your change initiative

  • Describe how to track progress or the lack of and revise where necessary

  • Assess opportunities for information exchange and cooperation with other organisations within the ITP network

Content and Structure

The programme structure requires a strong commitment by the participating organisations. The program starts in May 2021 and end in June 2022 where most work is carried out from the home countries but parts of the training might take place in any of the participating countries and travelling is therefore requested. The total duration of the programme is about 12 months of which participants are expected to dedicate 20-30 % of their work time.

The programme reviews the entire disaster risk management continuum: what needs to be considered before (prevention and preparedness actions), during (response) and after a disaster (recovery). Participants will, however, have the possibility to focus their efforts on issues that matter the most for their change efforts.

The programme content will be customized based on the specific requirements of the participants and their change initiatives to the extent possible.

A core part of the ITP are the change initiatives, which play a central role in translating the ITP’s content into capacity development and institutional change. Each participating organisation shall identify a problem to address within its current mandate and priorities. MSB strongly encourages participants to apply with a joint change initiative, within an organisation or between organisations. Joint initiatives will be prioritized in the application process. The change initiative can run over a longer period of time than the ITP cycle.


Active participation is expected during all stages of the programme. The programme includes a mix of different types of learning activities both online and face-to face (i.e. experiential learning, reflection, group discussion, simulations, study visits and lectures). Mentor(s) will be assigned to each change initiative and function as sounding boards, provide advice, and tips on relevant resources and networks. Cross-cutting issues, including gender, diversity and environment will be implemented with support of advisors during the elaboration of participants change initiative. 

Targeted Audience

Invited countries are Nepal, Bangladesh, the Philippines and Cambodia. The target group primarily includes technical experts and middle management staff members employed by government authorities, civil society (including the Red Cross/Red Crescent) and academia involved in disaster risk management, and who has a commitment to an intended change initiative of relevance.

Application Process

The closing date for application is 16th of March, 2021. Applications should be electronically submitted on this platform. Applicants are required to provide the necessary information and documents including an outline of the change initiative. A manager must confirm the change initiative and sign the approval template available in the portal. Applications submitted after closing date will not be considered. Interviews with shortlisted applicants will be conducted. 

The nominees should fulfil the following criteria: 

  • Hold a position of relevance for the intended change initiative.

  • Represent an organisation, which has disaster risk management as a strategic priority and has demonstrated and established capacity within the ITP thematic area(s).

  • Ability to formulate and lead a change initiative that is deemed to result in improved, sustained capacity and long-term impact.

  • Have management’s confirmation and approval of the participation

  • Possess adequate working experience within the working area (at least 5 years).

  • Proficiency in spoken and written English.

Selected candidates will be notified by e-mail no later than the 23rd April, 2021.

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Title: IT DRM 2021
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Responsible: Åsa Fredriksson
Vacant seats: 10
Registration deadline: 2021-03-16
Status: Started